Frequently asked questions


Do you have recommended Day Itineraries?

We can definitely make suggestions for an itinerary but the real specialists are wedding planners-if you need help in finding the right planner or designer, I can send you a list of my faves.

Do we have to provide a meal?

We would really appreciate it. We don't need to be seated with your guests and a 'vendor meal' will suffice. Providing us with a meal prevents us from having to leave the reception for dinner and miss photographing your reception.

Do you deliver every photo that you take?

No, we do not. We select only the best saving you from having to go through every image that we take. We delete duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that would dilute the quality of your collection. 

Will you provide me with the raw files?

No. You will receive an edited collection of your wedding day images. Each image goes through a bit of a process to become the final image and that is a reflection of Nataschia Wielink Photography therefore they should not be altered by anyone other than the photographer. 

Are the images you provide us on the usb drive watermarked?

No. They are print ready and not watermarked. We just ask that when you post a picture or two on facebook or instagram that you always tag the Photographer. 'Word of mouth' works great for us!  

IF we are interested in more than just files can we order prints and products from you?

Yes! OF COURSE! Because we feel so strongly that your images are viewed best when printed we offer a line of hand made, hand bound, archival coffee table books. Our albums and print prices are listed in our wedding guide which we will send you if you just fire me off an email! 

Do you offer Cinematography services?

No, but if you send us a quick email we can refer you to a few of the best in the area! 

I have downtime between events on my wedding day, will i be charged for that time?

Yes, we have to charge for the time in between events. Between events we are backing up images, setting up for the next event, taking detail photos, traveling between venues and most often making up for lost time because of delays throughout the day. Photographers don't get much downtime throughout a day so we need to charge for continuous hours.  

What happens if we go over our contracted Coverage time?

We understand that not everything goes as planned on a wedding day and we would never leave an event without checking in with the couple. We'll ask you if you're happy with the coverage time allotted and if you'd like to extend your coverage. The additional hourly rate is listed in the Wedding Guide. We need to charge an additional hourly rate to compensate for extra images, editing time and for additional team members. 

after the wedding day, when can we expect our images?

We know!!! You're so excited to relive your wedding day! If you follow Nataschia Wielink Photography on instagram or facebook you will see a few sneak peeks there. The entire collection will be uploaded to an on-line gallery within 4-6 weeks and your USB drive will arrive at your door shortly after. 

Are you as much of as a 'Romantic' as they say?

Ummmm. Pretty much, yes. 


When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.
— Arrigo Boito