Love letters from Willowbank | Editorial

'The conception of Love letters from Willowbank began with the inspiration of the venue itself, and we went into the day knowing we had to do this majestic beauty justice. The Willowbank mansion is a National Historic Site of Canada, built in 1832, it possesses in its exterior architecture and landscape the qualities of the Romantic fusion of Classical Revival, and is regarded as one of the finest remaining examples of such buildings on the continent. Named after magnificent willow trees that once graced its grounds; it is an elegant example of the rural estates of the wealthy settlers of early 19th century Upper Canada. From the moment we walked through the stately front door, it felt as if we had been transported through time to a place where life was much simpler, easier, and certainly fabulous.'  -Sue Gallo 

Meet Franklin and Catherine.

In real life they are Maggie and Lee, and they are madly. in. love. Which makes it super easy to photograph them. 

What I loved most about this editorial was the focus on our groom because often they don't get quite the same amount of attention. Grooms, you should spend just as much on a suit as your bride does on a dress, visit the barber, get pampered, smoke a cigar, pour the finest whiskey. It's your day too, yo.

'Our team consisted of 17 of some of the most talented artists and designers in Niagara. Sue's dreams of infusing as many lush, botanical details, only snowballed the inspiration, causing each and every vendor involved to provide an integral piece of our Love letters puzzle. The day began with an overcast sky, providing perfectly moody light during our more masculine moments, especially while our groom received a straight razor shave and beard trim. Halfway through, the clouds gave way, allowing warm sunlight to stream through the panes of the massive dining room windows, casting a golden glow on all our fresh and feminine details. It's the juxtaposition of these masculine and feminine moments that we believe set this shoot apart from a lot of the inspiration we are seeing today, and shifting the focus from the bride to the groom was a decision we felt was imperative to the success of Love letters from Willowbank.' -Amanda Cowley