Saturday Vibes

Give me ALLLLLL my breakfasts in bed please! Especially when they look like this!


This little set up was made and styled by Carolee—she’s my side kick in all things commercial food + drink photography and brings the party to every shoot! When she’s not with me on a shoot she’s studying all the food trends and styling tips-keeping our work fresh! 


Behind this photo: Crepes and fresh fruit served with Mimosa’s—who would turn that down? The mugs are from Canadian potter Dotti Pots Pottery, the tray was found at Carolee’s favourite Prop store in Buffalo. Give @CooCoou27 a follow on Instagram. Michael collects the greatest things and is a gem!  And the pour-over coffee pot is Chemex—the very best way to drink your coffee! 

While we had our little set up out I wanted to use a new backdrop that I had made this week so we whipped up a few more photos for Bloom & Co. There are a few new products being added to their shop! More Canadian made things!

The backdrop is just a very thin piece of wood covered in drywall. I have to paint it yet because it’s showing up a little more grey than I want. The plan is to make a few of these in different neutral tones so I have a variety of colours to choose from.

You can view more of my Commercial Photography Work and portfolio here. I split my time between weddings and commercial work and help Niagara Small Businesses out with their branding photography and create content for their social feeds. I love the variety of work that I get to do this way! 

It looks like winter has finally arrived! When the wind settles down, I have to get out and capture a few Niagara Landscapes. Enjoy the snow, friends!