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Mike Enns said ...

Caissie and David are the real deal.  Not only are they madly in love, but they’re two creative individuals that have chosen to follow their hearts and dreams relentlessly.

When the deepest part of you is moved, it demands a response worthy of it. Experiencing Lovefest ruined me.  My response was to throw everything I had at this project and then some.

I hope to gain the courage to follow my passion with the same recklessness!

Kate Vanderlugt, The Little White Dress said ...

Holy crumb! This is the best wedding video I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding video so all encompassing and really showcasing the couple’s true love for each other and their families the way that this film captures it. It’s absolutely stunning. Fantastic job NWP team!

Nataschia said ...

caissie and david! thrilled that you are enjoying the film!  mike is an incredible talent and i’m lucky to have him on team NWP! it was a pleasure to witness such a beautiful wedding-we had a fabulous weekend with you, your family and friends!  sending you love xoxo

mark and lisa! thank you for your well wishes-it was our pleasure! please keep in touch-i’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and the family!

thanks stacey!

caissie + david said ...

we love you, nataschia, mike, mike and jessica!  you captured our wedding perfectly and we will be forever grateful for your incredible artistry.  c+d xxxxx

stacey said ...


Mark and Lisa said ...

A triumph, nataschia et al!!!!!  The film is stunning…happy perfection!
Thank you for this wonderful reminder of a weekend to be cherished.
We shall never forget it,  thanks to you and your crew!  Remarkable
photos. Our family is grateful!  All the best for your spring/summer
wedding season…Mark and Lisa Levy

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