"Thank you for capturing all the magic and love as we know you so expertly did,
and for doing it in a way that was so lovely, laid back and fun."

-Mike + Michelle

Nataschia is a love story fan to the core who believes that fairy tales are the stuff of real life and that they happen everyday, all around us. Always on the look out for pure passion, she captures the subtleties, nuances and sparks of electricity in a couple. Patient to the extreme, she waits for those rare, shining moments of honest affection between people. Her photography is intimate, brimming with emotion, and most of all... genuine.

NWP is located in the heart of wine country here in Niagara which has become a wedding destination for Nataschia's clients from Toronto, New York, LA, Washington, Chicago, Bermuda, Sydney, London. Nataschia currently resides with her family in a sweet little neighbourhood that she often refers to as Mariposa. 

The office is located in St. David's, bordering Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. NWP is available for travel and is currently booking 2017-18 dates.